August 10, 2012

About Intimate Illusions


Legendary illusionist Ivan Amodei (pronounced evon ah-moe-day) has been thrilling audiences all over the world with his trailblazing brand of psychological and visual illusion. You'll find Ivan at his best in his show that has garnered him SIX People's Choice Awards and rave reviews from viewers worldwide.

His incredible show, Intimate Illusions combines world-class illusion, audience participation, story-telling, razor sharp wit and dazzling live music by a talented concert cellist. 

Completely re-staged for its permanent home in a luxurious suite at the famed Beverly Wilshire, Ivan transports you back to European elegance and exhilarates you with dynamic showmanship that demonstrates why he is the country's most exciting live performers. A theatrical experience as sophisticated as it is funny, dramatic and thought-provoking. 

Join Ivan as he takes you on a eye-opening journey through the human psyche. Can he discover your destiny? Can he uncover your fate? Can he manipulate TIME? The spectacular finale of the show is a masterpiece of thought manipulation resulting in a series of jaw-dropping moments that create and indelible mark on your conscious and leaves audiences begging for more.

Witness pieces such as Mona Lisa's Secret, Rain Man, and Einstein's E=mc2 to name a few. Listen to Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Haydn and Henry Mancini played beautifully on the cello. This 90-minute show is like nothing you've ever imagined.


August 01, 2012

Mona Lisa’s Secret

Mona-Lisa Image

My NEWEST Illusion in the show (Coming Soon)

In this illusion, a 500 year old secret is revealed: why is Mona Lisa smiling? Hidden behind her eyes is a mysterious code made of letters and numbers, according to a controversial claim by members of Italy's national committee for cultural heritage. Magnifying high-resolution images of the painting uncovers hidden information added by the master himself Leonardo Da Vinci.

This illusion takes the theater audience and viewers on a jaw-dropping, laugh out loud journey to a climax and the most shocking ending that ultimately answers the question: why is the most famous painting in the world smiling at you?

July 19, 2012

Pool Illusion


So how did they do it?