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“Brilliant, Hilarious & Enthralling”

Every illusion involved deep meditation and the participation of the crowd, who sat on the edge of their seats energized with amazement, hoping they would be the one he called on to assist him. “Intimate Illusions” is contemplative and enlightening as Amodei tests his telepathy and telekinesis. “I think he has psychic abilities and can read people’s minds,” said an astonished woman after the show.


This is a totally fun, entertaining evening of spectacular sleight of hand made delightful by the engaging personality and uncanny skill of Ivan Amodei. You do not want to miss his awesome show!
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“Exciting & Entertaining”

He is celebrating his 400th show this year at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and is the most entertaining and exciting illusionist we have ever seen.
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  • What a brilliant and uplifting night of illusions we experienced last night. Ivan Amodei drew us under his “spell,” and touched our souls with his stories of destiny, valor, love, and the meaning of life.
  • Went to see the show again on Friday and came away even more impressed, amazed and flat-out entertained than the first time around. Ivan’s a top-flight illusionist, but he’s also a consummate entertainer.
  • The music and the magic was a symphonic amalgam of beauty and creativity that has rarely been equaled. I have been privileged to see a great deal of magic in my life your show was one of the finest examples of magic, audience involvement, and music that touched the souls of your audience.
  • Probably the most amazing entertainment I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I was blown away by Ivan.
  • Saw Ivan’s show last night and it was absolutely terrific. It’s not like anything I’ve seen before. And it is brilliant.
  • Not usually a fan of magic. But this is so much more, cellist, belly laughs and a charming performer who did amazing illusions. Worth the price of a ticket and then some.
  • Worth seeing twice (or seven times). Ivan tops the chart with entertainment value. Be prepared to feel a childlike sense of wonder while laughing your face off.
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“A TOP-Pick”

The tension builds to fever pitch as virtuoso cellist, Irina Chirkova interweaves musical counterpoint throughout, evoking a visceral impact on the audienceand the occasional uproarious laugh.
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“Man Dazzles Crowd”

Dumbfounded is an understatement. Walking away from Ivan Amodei’s “Intimate Illusions” — I openly reveled in a cathartic state of childhood bewilderment.  

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