August 01, 2013

Pam Atherton Radio Interview


Pam Atherton who hosts A Closer Look did a great interview with Ivan about what makes a good illusion, how to stand out from the crowd, why who you know matters, and what makes a show special.

August 01, 2013

Ivan Attacked and Show Stolen!

by Jennifer Tash


Ivan’s shows in Boston presented him with a new set of challenges like never before. On July 18th, 45 minutes of his show was stolen out of his showroom just a day before he was to perform for over 1,000 people. Cab rides throughout the city for over three hours Ivan worked to put his show back together and through the night to rebuild the illusions. 

Exhausted and filled with adrenaline, the show was finally rebuilt with only 15 minutes to spare before guests were let in. Then moments before he went on stage, he sliced his finger open with an exacto knife. Fast thinking and no choice he resorted to crazy glue to stop the bleeding.

Twenty four hours and with no sleep, he finally hit the stage and performed his 90 minute show including his special tribute illusion to Boston. Overwhelmed by the reception and great audiences, he received his first of 7 standing ovations. “This was the most emotional experience of my career. I understood at one moment what is was to persevere. The show must go on.” said Ivan. 

The following morning Ivan returned to his showroom. Coincidentally, the suspect came back to steal round two. He was furiously trying to open the greenroom doors. Once he stopped, Ivan peeked out the door and recognized that he was wearing one of Ivan’s shoulder bags. Ivan quickly called 911 to send the police. He then followed the suspect out into the hall and notified hotel’s security all while pretending to be on the phone with someone else, “My best illusion to date.” he said. 

Once the hotel’s security arrived, Ivan pointed him out and the very upset suspect physically lunged at Ivan, but was instantly stopped by hotel’s security. Suspect was detained and finally about 2 hours later was arrested by Boston Police. According to the District Attorney’s office, suspect could face up to two years in jail. Ivan will be returning to Boston to testify and with any luck will bring a little magic.

A special Thank You to the Boston Park Plaza who at all times ensured the safety of Ivan, his crew and his guests. 

August 01, 2013

“Brilliant, Hilarious & Enthralling”


Brilliant, hilarious, and enthralling, Ivan Amodei’s “Intimate Illusions,” at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers during the third week of July, was celestial. Illusionist, Amodei, charmed the 250 audience members with his introspective questions, witty banter, and dry humor that was often at the expense of his height or poking fun at guests’ lack of sympathy while he swigs down a shot glass of sharp pin needles.

Amodei is like that whimsical uncle who teaches your impressionable sons how to blow bubbles in the house, catch them, and turn them into goldfish. Your new pets will love their spacious home in the crystal wine glass that was handed down from your in-law’s mother. “My favorite part was when he got the fishies out of the bubbles,” said a little boy who sat in the front row and quickly answered all of Amodei’s questions.

In the grandiose Georgian Ballroom, scattered candles twinkled and stately windows with rich, damask curtains reached to the tall ceiling where six chandeliers with frosted fixtures hung. The ceiling was adorned with gold trim and a painting of George Washington prominently centered the room where Amodei did his magic. It was an elegant affair matched by Amodei’s exquisite suit and perpetual smile that was especially charismatic.

Every illusion involved deep meditation and the participation of the crowd, who sat on the edge of their seats energized with amazement, hoping they would be the one he called on to assist him. Amodei declared that one’s sense will become heightened if he or she focuses. “Intimate Illusions” is contemplative and enlightening as Amodei tests his telepathy and telekinesis. “I think he has psychic abilities and can read people’s minds,” said an astonished woman after the show.

A classical cellist built anticipation and awe during the opulent show, and “Intimate Illusions” would not have been as impactful without her inclusion that added humor and the perfect accompanying sound effects to Amodei’s outstanding feats.  Amodei emphasized the importance of time and the miracle of life. “If you believe it, then you’ll see it,” Amodei said.